Infrastructure Operations Engineer

Telecommute · Berlin, Germany


Travis CI is looking for two software engineers to join our build infrastructure engineering team. We are looking for folks with a background in systems administration, operations engineering, etc and folks who enjoy building and operating production infrastructure.

This could be the right opportunity for you if you want to help design, build, and operate the services that are at the core of how Travis CI runs continuous integration and deployment services for our many thousands of open source and commercial users.

As an infrastructure operations engineer, you will be responsible for building scalable, testable, and repeatable infrastructure through automation. You’ll help us with the infrastructure components and services that can be relied on and scale to running hundreds of thousands of CI jobs. You’ll participate in a weekly on-call rotation that is composed of folks from across all of Travis’s engineering teams.

You should be proficient with written and asynchronous communication, and value building working relationships with Builders (how we refer to fellow Travis employees) in remote locations. You have an excellent track record of writing and maintaining great documentation.

You value and are comfortable with contributing to open source software as part of your day to day work.

You will be part of an environment that is spread across time zones and where communication happens primarily using text and video chat. We value empathy and clear communication, and the importance of building a diverse and vibrant workplace.

You can expect to help us continue growing our engineering and people culture in a way that’s healthy and vibrant.

While we don’t apply DevOps as a label to any particular team or area of our work, we do feel our engineering and operations embody the things that DevOps represents.

We emphasize shared trust and responsibility, building automated and repeatable processes, continuous learning and improvement, blameless incident handling and postmortems, a strong belief in people over technology, empathy, and infrastructure as code.


Desired Skills & Experience

The requirements and experience below outlines what we need to help us manage and grow our production build infrastructure. Ideally you’ll have experience with several of these, but more important than the specific technologies, languages, and tools is that you’re interested in helping us in building our engineering and company culture, helping grow your teammates skills, and grow your own skills in the areas listed below:

Tools and Technologies We Use

We have a pretty diverse set of technologies that make up our stack. The list below highlights many of the key ones, and should give you a sense of what tools and technologies you’d be working with day to day.

Compute Environments

Operating Systems/Versions

Programming Languages

Data Stores

Automation Tools

Productivity Tools/Services


Being a distributed team, you can work from wherever you want. You don’t have to go to Berlin, but we’re happy to fly you in for your on-boarding, and for additional visits according to our office visit policy for remote team members.

You choose your working hours. We understand life comes with responsibilities and complications. We have families and personal lives and we encourage all our builders to spend time tending to them.

Minimum paid leave per year is 25 days.

Your health insurance is partially covered by Travis CI. We’ll generally split about 50/50 between employer and employee (up to €250 employer contribution), no matter where you are. US based employees are offered a generous benefits package which includes healthcare, 401k, commuter, and other pre-tax benefits through the co-employment organization we partner with.

We’ll ship you a Kindle and give you a book allowance so you can take time off and read.

You’ll learn and grow at conferences, we’ll cover your travel and ticket costs according to our conference policy.
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