Product Manager

Remote · Berlin, Germany


We’re looking for a Product Manager to join the Product Team at Travis CI. You will report to and work very closely with the Head of Product.

Travis CI strives to provide a fast, stable, and reliable Continuous Integration and Deployment service that is simple and intuitive to use. Our product decisions are meant to empower collaborative teams, our customers and the community. As such, we support and encourage community contributions.

Product Managers at Travis CI continuously listen to our customers, building the product and experience they want and need. Our product fits all team sizes and developers, up to large enterprises via our on-premises offering: Travis CI Enterprise.

In this role, you’ll work with engineering, creative, support, marketing, and sales to better understand what our customers and prospects need so we can develop ideas to address them and continue being a market leader.

Core Responsibilities


You like working in a team, setting up processes, and learning new technologies. You enjoy talking to and helping your colleagues, driving ideas to completion. You are reflective about the impact choices have on customer’s experience and the role you have empowering and activating customers.

You want to help us shape and scale our product and our customer base. You’re organized and self-driven. You are full of ideas and love to use them to help people do their jobs better and more efficiently. We foster a culture of continuous improvement and we'd like you to be an essential part of it.

Ultimately, we are looking for individuals who can and want to make a contribution to our constantly growing and evolving company. Whether you have only a few or all of the elements of a candidate’s background we identified, we’d love to hear if you think Travis CI might be a good fit for you!

Please apply before June 10th, 2019


About Travis CI

Travis CI is a continuous integration platform: We run people's tests, deploy their code and help them be confident about their work. We have strong roots in open source, both in our community and how Travis CI was built. We continue to support the open source community wherever we can.

We'd like to encourage people from any race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, accessibility needs, age, religion, color, or any other group to apply.

We are committed to supporting an inclusive environment based on Openness, Collaboration, Diversity and Empathy, so we want to support you as a human and an individual through the benefits we offer. These include:

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