Senior Software Engineer - Platform

Remote · Berlin, Germany


Travis CI is looking for a senior software engineer to join our platform engineering team. We are looking for an experienced developer who enjoys building and operating web applications and services.

We emphasize shared trust and responsibility, continuous learning and improvement, a strong belief in people over technology, and blameless incident handling and postmortems. If you're interested in what this is/looks like in practice, here are some of our recent postmortems.

As a software engineer on our platform team you'll be helping to build scalable and testable applications. You’ll help us with the services that are relied on for running hundreds of thousands of CI jobs. You can expect to help us continue growing our engineering and people culture in a way that’s healthy and vibrant.

You can participate in a follow-the-sun on-call rotation that is composed of folks from across all of Travis’ engineering teams. Our on-call implementation is a one-week rotation that is shared between North/South American and EU time zones, based on the countries where our engineers live. Each shared rotation has two primary persons on call who split 24 hours into 12 hours each, following daylight hours in their respective time zones. This is something that new engineers can begin to participate in when they're comfortable; it includes on-boarding with another engineer as your on-call buddy, to help ensure you feel ready and that you'll be successful.

You will be part of a work environment that is spread across time zones and where communication happens primarily using text and video chat. We value empathy and clear communication, and the importance of building a diverse and vibrant workplace. English is the language used.

We are looking for contractors only. As a remote company, we do welcome applicants from all over the world.


We know it's impossible for any candidate to have all of the experience and skills we're highlighting. So we try hard to get to know what each candidate's particular set of skills and experience are and see what we can learn from you and also what you'll be able to learn from us.

Each member of our team has a different and unique mix of skills and experience described below, so if some (doesn’t have to be all) of the things in this list make you think "that sounds like me!", then we'd love to hear from you.


About Travis CI

Travis CI is a continuous integration platform: We help developers test, integrate, and ship their code, increasing the confidence, reliability, and speed of their development process.

Our platform services are mainly programmed in Ruby, but we are also focusing increasingly on Elixir. We also use Pusher, Postgresql, Sidekiq, Redis and have a service oriented architecture.

We’re not expecting you to be an expert in all of these, and are happy to help you improve your skills around them. Our main expectation is that you’re interested in learning more around them, and believe that this is a good starting point.

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