People Operations Coordinator

Berlin, Germany · People Operations


Applications close on the 5th of May at 18h CET.

Travis CI is looking for a People Operations Coordinator to join our People Operations team in Berlin.

As a coordinator at Travis CI, you'll work closely with all members of the People Operations Team (Pops) and the Finance team. While the main focus will be to support our Berlin office, you'll have frequent contact with the rest of our distributed team spanning multiple countries in Europe and the Americas. Your support will be instrumental in the growth and success of the Pops team and will be crucial to ensuring operational effectiveness of the Berlin office.

More About Travis CI

Travis CI is a continuous integration platform: We run people's tests, deploy their code and help them be confident about their work. We're a small, bootstrapped business headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with a team distributed across Europe and the Americas. Our goal is to help people build better software. Travis CI is profitable, and we're building a sustainable business for the long run. We have strong roots in open source, both in our community and how Travis CI was built. We continue to support the open source community wherever we can.

Our team values working at a healthy pace and a normal working day over working extreme hours. We encourage self-care and personal time to be taken. Empathy is one of our core values as a team and company, towards each other, and our customers.

We foster a culture of continuous improvement and learning. If something's worth fixing or improving, it should be fixed or improved. Making mistakes is part of what we do, and we make sure we have each other's backs and learn from them. At Travis CI, we value diversity in all aspects of our team. We value everyone's questions, insights and feedback. We devote time to help our customers, the open source community, diversity in software development and to help our local communities. Most importantly, we thrive to help and support each other.

Travis CI seeks to increase the ratio of women in software engineering and development, and we encourage women and people from underrepresented groups to apply for this position.

Travis CI is striving to be a diverse team, made of and built by people with different backgrounds and lifestyles. We don't discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, age, religion, color, or any other group.




Most of all we’re looking for someone at a junior to intermediate level who believes that no task is too big or too small.




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