About Travis CI

What We Do
Travis CI is a continuous integration and delivery platform, used by tens of thousands of developers, teams and Open Source projects. We run people's tests, deploy their code and help them be confident about their work. Travis CI is run as a hosted service, free for Open Source, a paid product for private code, and it’s available as an on-premises version (Travis CI Enterprise). Our mission is to empower people to build and ship great software. We're a bootstrapped, profitable company, and we're building a sustainable business for the long run.

What We Care About
We have deep roots in Open Source: in how Travis CI is built, in our strong ties with the community, and in our aim to keep supporting the Open Source community wherever we can. Our main company values are openness, diversity, collaboration, and empathy. They drive us in our work, and we’re constantly striving to get better at living up to these values and their implications in our daily work, and our interactions with each other. We have an internal Code of Conduct that guides our collaboration.

Travis CI has employees from a wide variety of backgrounds; including different racial, ethnic, national, religious, socioeconomic, sexual and gender orientation, as well as developmental, mental, and/or physically differently-abled people. We value diversity and identity in its many forms, as this enriches and informs our ability to serve our customers and community.

How We Work
We have an office in Berlin, Germany, and some of our employees work from here (and others who don’t, visit the office from time to time). More than half of our team is distributed across the globe, currently between Central European and Pacific Timezones. We deeply care about and work on getting better at being a distributed, inclusive team.

What We Offer
We understand life comes with responsibilities and complications, and encourage all our employees to spend time on people and things they care about, which is why working hours at Travis CI are usually flexible.

Current openings